Join the team

Celtics Down Under consists of three channels:

Join us and help make Celtics Down Under a great place for Aussies who bleed green!

Writers – Open vacancies

Game previews and reviews, historical pieces, opinion columns, stats analysis, fan spotlights, any Celtics content you can think of that your fellow fans would love to read.


  • Live, breathe and sleep green.
  • Have a decent grasp of the language (spelling and grammar). For example: you’re is not your, and vice versa.

Facebook page content creators – No vacancies

Engage your fellow fans. Keep an eye on the latest news. Or you could be providing content that involves the community in the form of memes, quizzes, contests, debates and so on. Spread the word about the Celtics Down Under name across Facebook and grow the community!


  • Commitment is the key, you need to be a regular contributor. Writing an update once every two weeks is not regular.
  • A desire to help the community engaged and growing.

Drop an email over to kein[at] if you are keen. Applications welcome!

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