Green Kick Of The Week feat Jason Terry’s Reebok Answer IV’s

It’s that time of the week again to take a look back at that player who bought out the best pair of kicks on our Green KOTW.

This week’s winner of Kick Of The Weekis none other than our high-flying JET: Jason Terry.

Memphis Grizzliess v Boston Celtics

Jason Terry has worn many different types of Reebok’s over the years. Most recently he has been rocking the Reebok Answer IV’s. These kicks were made famous as the signature shoe of Allen Iverson, and gained Reebok a lot of respect in the sneaker world.

Although Jet has been wearing these for a majority of the season, I thought it was about time he got some recognition for his selection of retro kicks.


These sneakers were re-released in August of last year and have been a very popular seller for Reebok.

Terry has chosen the black/white colourway. The shoe also features a unique zip up the front tongue and written on the sole is Allen Iverson’s motto “Only The Strong Survive”.

Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics

In my opinion these aren’t these are a uniquely awesome pair of kicks and with the history they have you have to respect them.

Do you think Jet should keep rocking these kicks?