Green Kicks of the Month – November

This 2014-15 season is looking like it will be a tough one for the Celtics. The extremely frustrating loses are starting to pile up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the kicks being rocked by the C’s.

Each month I will compile a top 3 kicks of the month list. So here is November’s list, in no particular order.

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Green Kick of the Week ft. Rajon Rondo’s Anta’s

Rajon Rondo ditched Nike before the start of this season and joined Anta, where he got his own signature shoe; the Anta RR1.

He has been switching back and forth between green, black and white colourways of the shoe. Last week he changed things up and rocked a brand new colourway against the Raptors at The Garden.

This week’s winner of Green Kick Of The Week is Rajon Rondo and his Anta RR1’s. This colourway is bright and reminds of the striking Nike’s he wore last season.


These kicks feature my favourite colourway I’ve seen on the Anta RR1. The bright green pattern almost looks like a salute to ‘The Hulk’.

Unfortunately this colourway isn’t available to the public yet. I really hope they are released, although I highly doubt they will be. If they are, I know I’ll be grabbing a pair as fast as possible.


I’ve been a huge fan of Rondo switching to Anta since the first rumours of the move surfaced, and its colourways like these that prove you don’t need to be with Nike or Jordan Brand to have fantastic kicks.

What do think of these kicks? Do you think Rondo should keep ’em or dump ’em?

Green Kick Of The Week ft. Avery Bradley’s No Mercy’s

The 2013-14 season for the Celtics is winding down. Whilst their record isn’t pretty, there have been plenty of positives. The return of Rajon Rondo and the emergence of Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk have been some of my personal highlights.

Another highlight has been watching Avery Bradley find his shooting stroke. He has been especially terrific in the last week. His game against the Heat was tremendous; draining 6 three pointers, and totaling 23 points. He followed that up with another huge performance against Brooklyn. He scored 28 points and grabbed 4 rebounds.


Bradley wore an awesome par of kicks against Brooklyn. This weeks winner of Green Kick Of The Week is Avery Bradley and his very bright pair of Adidas ‘No Mercy’ kicks. He also laced them up on St Patrick’s Day against Dallas.

Bradley has now won back-to-back KOTW‘s after taking out last weeks competition with his Crazy 1’s. In my opinion, the Adidas No Mercy’s were a  great choice by Avery. The bright green and black colourway are a great match with the C’s uniform.

credit: @keezcam
credit: @keezcam

More importantly, Avery has been playing great in these kicks.

Do you think Avery should keep ’em or dump ’em?

Green Kick Of The Week ft. Jared Sullinger’s Jordan XX8’s

Jared Sullinger is currently playing the best ball of his short NBA career. He has been crashing the boards and also scoring in the post; it has been an absolute pleasure to watch.

He has been doing all this great work in Jordan’s. This week’s winner of KOTW is Jared Sullinger and his Air Jordan XX8 ‘BHM’

credit: getty images
credit: getty images

Jordan released four different 2014 ‘BHM’ PEs, most Jordan Brand sponsored players have rocked at least one of the colourways on the court. This includes Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace. Both have laced up the same colourway as Sullinger, but I decided to give the win to Sullinger because he has been beasting lately.

‘BHM’ colourways are dedicated to Black History Month and the players love to pay homage to the celebration by wearing the ‘BHM’ kicks.


All ‘BHM’ colourways have been awesome this season, and the Jordan XX8 version is certainly in the upper echelon. Black and purple were the main colours this season and they certainly don’t disappoint.

What are your thoughts on Sully’s kicks? Do you want him to keep ’em or dump ’em?

Green Kick Of The Week feat Jeff Green’s Jordan XX8 SE

It’s been a very emotional week for Celtics fans. The return of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will forever be etched in my mind and I’m sure yours too. It really proved just how awesome sport is and how great the Celtics organisation is.

Whilst all the attention was rightfully on Pierce and Garnett, Jeff Green laced up a flashy pair of Jordan’s. This weeks winner of Green Kick Of The Week is Jeff Green and his Air Jordan XX8 SE ‘Award Season’ kicks.


These kicks stand out from the crowd with their gold outer and black lining. Green wore these on the same night as the Grammy Award’s, which was absolutely no coincidence.

Uncle Jeff wasn’t the only Celtic to lace up these flashy Jordan’s; other Jordan Brand players Gerald Wallace and Jared Sullinger also rocked these kicks against the Nets. But there can only be one winner and Green had been close to winning in prior weeks, so I decided he deserved it.

The XX8 SE is the rear of these two pair of kicks. The front pair is the Melo M10 credit:
The XX8 SE is the back pair of these two kicks. The front pair is the Melo M10 credit:

What are your thoughts on the Air Jordan XX8 SE ‘Award Season’ colourway? Do you think Green should keep ’em or dump ’em? Let us know in the comments!

Green Kick Of The Week ft Pressey’s Nike ‘Gloves’

There hasn’t been much action on the kicks front this season for the Celtics. Most players are sticking with the same sneakers every game and aren’t showing much heat.

Having said that, Phil Pressey has been wearing all sorts of Nike’s. This weeks winner of KOTW is Phil Pressey and his pair of awesome Nike Air Zoom ‘The Glove’.


The Nike Glove was made famous for its extremely unique design, just like the player they were made for; Gary Payton. They can be worn either zipped up or down, Pressey has chosen to go with the zipped up look.

Pressey wore these kicks in the loss to Portland earlier this week. He has also laced these up a few other times since the beginning of 2014,  including in games against Oklahoma City and Denver.


The Nike Air Zoom ‘Glove’ has been released in many different colourways, in my opinion the colourway Pressey has chosen – The Sonic Wave – is by far the best.

Do you think Phil Pressey should keep ’em or dump ’em? Let us know your thoughts on these kicks!

Green Kick Of The Week ft Rondo’s Anta’s

This week’s Green Kick Of The Week winner is a little different. For the first time ever, the KOTW goes to a player that is yet to register a second of playing time this season.

This week’s winner of Green Kick Of The Week is Rajon Rondo and his Anta Rondo 1 PE’. These kicks are Rondo’s first signature shoe with the Chinese sports brand, Anta.

Phot credit to @geminikeez
Photo credit to @geminikeez

Whilst Rondo is still rehabbing his knee, he has been with the team at home and on the road for every game. He has been working out a lot prior to games and I can’t wait for his return!

These kicks, in my opinion are awesome. They may not be as flashy as some of Rondo’s Nike’s from last season but the slick design well and truly makes up for that.


You can find the Anta Rondo 1 on-line, but these kicks are different to those available to the public. These player edition Anta’s are exclusive for Rondo and feature a new bold ‘R’ logo on the side panel.

Another major difference from these player edition Anta’s to those that the everyday person can pick up is the all white outer. If you decide to buy a pair of Rondo’s you will get a lot more green you see in the photos above.

What are your thoughts on these kicks? Do you think Rondo should wear these kicks when he returns?