Celtics catch fire & take care of short-handed grit & grind Memphis.

The Celtics were coming off a loss to the Cavs, who the shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies had just beaten. Memphis would once again be without Conley, Randolph & Gasol with the Celtics home winning streak on the line.

Memphis jumped out to an early 8-2 lead before the Celtics went on a 13-4 run to take a 3 point lead off an Avery 3. The grit & grind Grizzlies went back on top 21-26 before Smart ended the quarter with a 3 as Boston would trail by 2 at the end of 1.


Boston started the 2nd on a 10-3 run to take a 5 point lead but the Celtics inability to grab a defensive rebound, while Memphis were pounding the glass & getting 2nd chance points to stay in the game. Memphis took the lead on a pair of Chalmers free throws before Crowder put Boston back on top with a 3. Chalmers would finish the quarter with a deep 3 after a jump ball that gave the Grizzlies a 3 point lead at the half due to leading 2nd chance points 17-2 & rebounding 29-14. Jarell Martin posted a career high 15 points in the first half (previous high was 2, had 8 career points)


The Celtics came out of the half aggressive, drawing 3 shooting fouls on Memphis in under 3 minutes, Thomas going 3-4 & Johnson 1-2 while on an 8-2 Boston run to go up 3 that forced a Memphis timeout. Mario Chalmers went down with an injury & was carried to the locker room with the Celtics up 64-61, Boston ended the quarter on a 19-6 run & outscored Memphis 12-31 in the 3rd to take a 83-67 lead into the 4th as Thomas was up to 22 points.


Jonas started the 4th with another Celtics 3 before Vince Carter scored 5 points on 2 straight Memphis possessions. Vince Carter would add another triple but Zeller’s dunk would give the Celtics a 21 point lead & 100 points with 7:30 to go. Memphis went on 10-4 run to cut the lead to 14 but back to back 3’s by Crowder & Jerebko all but finished the game, Boston winning 96-116.



Isaiah Thomas – 22 points, 5 assists Evan Turner – 16 points, 8 assists Avery Bradley – 15 points Jae Crowder – 15 points Jared Sullinger – 12 points, 5 rebounds Jonas Jerebko – 11 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists Tyler Zeller – 9 points, 7 rebounds

The Celtics extended their home winning streak to 14….





Keeping his talents in South Beach?

It appears that everyone around the league is waiting to see what LeBron will do with his free agency. He has exercised his early termination option in Miami, which means he is technically a free agent. Does anyone think that he’ll really leave Miami?! Some maybe as there is a growing cohort of Cleveland Cavs fans that hope for the prodigal son to return. No, I am not buying it either.

So what is all this LeBron talk doing on Celtics Down Under? Are we all about our boys in green? Shouldn’t we be discussing what Danny has promised to be off season fireworks? Well like him or hate him, LeBron’s decision will have a bearing on what other teams can and can’t do, including our Celtics. Danny Ainge has reportedly been burning the midnight oil to put together a deal for Kevin Love to have a new home at Causeway Street. Like the previous Kevin from Minnesota, he would be a high impact player and if we can keep Rondo and add another piece begin a rebuild properly.

Which brings me to the next piece. Roy Hibbert. Yes the Pacers fans had been critical as they see Roy’s playoff performance as disappointing  . I always liked the way he played and think he’d be a good fit with K-Love and Rondo if we can swing that trade.

I mean, check this out:

(I love the rejection on ‘Melo and you know Bostonians love good D.)

The other Pacer that The Celtics are reportedly interested in is Lance Stephenson. I like Lance as well especially things like this

as he reminds me of KG doing whatever it took to get in to the head of the opponent. He is one of those guys that you’d love playing for you, hate ‘em against you.

Slightly unhinged? Maybe.
Entertaining? Definitely.

Let’s hope LeBron makes his intentions clear so we can get on with our rebuild, because two things are definite.

First, LeBron isn’t coming to Boston.

Secondly, our boys in green will have to go through him to get Banner 18.